Melancholy WIP

Here’s a Work In Progress of Melancholy, the antagonist of a project I am currently working on. He’s modeled mostly in #modo and rendered in #c4d and is currently being skinned inside of C4D.


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JerryD —

Six cat eyes? Longy fingers? Wingspan or all-encompassing shroud of despair? Are the forked tendrils bony weapons or grabby arms? I can’t wait to see how Mr. Mellon develops!


You need longy fingers when you’re reaching deep down into people’s souls. And the forked tendrils are basically the skeletal structure of his interdimensional warp nacelles;-)

JerryD —

I’d think even stubby fingers could reach deep into most people’s shallow souls, but I’m sure there are exceptions. The IWN (inter dimensional etc…) are a great idea! How ELSE can be keep so many people morose at the same time and in multiple locations? Reminds me of a character from my D&D days – Lord Corruption, except that his powers were mostly limited to making metals rust and player characters’ body odor suddenly become much more repulsive.


No doubt Lord Corruption could also make your Doritos stale and your Dr. Pepper flat.

JerryD —

No doubt! I’m pretty sure he had no effect on the moral character of the players since they were pretty far gone already. I wish I’d thought of the stale Doritos effect when running the Dungeon!

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