New Cassandra Artwork

Iam having a little difficulty believing this myself, but I finally finished up another page for the Cassandra Project. I really got a bit carried away with the details in panel two, and many of those details were hidden by trees or cropped by the frame. The good news is the assets created will show up in following pages, so it was still time well-spent—even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. There was also a good bit of new skill and style development which will hopefully still be in my brain when I need it.

As with the others, this is mainly C4d and various plug-ins with a little bit of ZBrush and a healthy dose of Photoshop painting work.

Another piece from the Cassandra Project.



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JerryD —

I’m getting a Central Park vibe, except for the purple butterfly. Love the details and perspective(s). Keep ’em coming!


I was actually shooting for a Savannah or Charleston type of park feel;-)

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