Monthly Archives: November 2013

Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Another page done—I think. I tweaked my frame technique a tad to accommodate a storyline element that is going to begin working its way into the frames. The tweak gives me a little more control over the different layers but also adds more of them to have to manage. Hope I didn’t miss anything. Anyhoo, I have a little bit of closure before heading into the holiday…


What’s Going on Here?

Two pages in as many days? If only I could keep up this kind of…


So soon?

It’s been less than two weeks and another page is in the can. Bizarre. Just bizarre. The artwork really didn’t take that long at all and should have actually been done much sooner, but I’ve been a bit distracted. Ah well. It’s done now and it’s entirely possible I’ll have another done by the end of t…


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