Cassandra Project Page 8 Artwork

Is there a storm a’brewin’?

OK! So this is page 8’s artwork. Know what that means? It means, providing I don’t go [more] insane and add additional pages, I am exactly 33.33333333333333333333% done with the innards of this book! Hey. I’ll take whatever milestone I can get.

I mentioned in my last post that I was getting away from flowers for a bit, but I forgot I still had this one flower bed to contend with. Ah well, at least they are all dead (or so it appears). This happy summery flowery stuff is really a departure from what usually goes on in my brain and frankly it’s starting to get to me. I’m really looking forward to building the world that lies just down that dark road behind the shoeless hippy and his dog.

All of the artwork for this page came out of Cinema 4D v15 and was assembled and polished  in Manga Studio 5 EX. I have been using a C4D>Photoshop>InDesign workflow up to this point and decided to move the end of the cycle to MS5. It took a while to get the workflow ironed out, and there are some performance issues with MS5 that are bugging me a bit, but I am planning on sticking with it for the rest of the project. It’s a definite replacement for Photoshop for the brushes alone, and will perhaps replace ID as well. Depends on how I wind up publishing the final product.

So anyhoo, that’s that. I hopes you likes it.


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JerryD —

I likes it! The dog has a strange gleam in his eye, probably from pissing on all the now-dead flowers.

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