Thanks for the Ride!

On September 13-14, 2014, I participated in the first annual Johns Hopkins Ride to Conquer Cancer. This was a two-day, 150-ish mile ride benefitting Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, Sibley Memorial and Suburban Hospitals in support of cancer research, treatment and services.

I would like to thank all of you who made this whole thing possible via your generous donations and/or help in spreading the word. The most-intimidating aspect of this event, for me, was getting the required $2,500 minimum to participate, but you guys made it happen (and then some). I absolutely could not have done this without you and really cannot thank you enough.

Thank you: Bill and Liz Garthly, Carol Lewis, CD, Cecilia Ziemer, Coleman Clan, Covington Hendrix Anderson Architects, Cristina Blair, Dan and Linda Johnson, Debra Pengelley, Deonna Donohue, Emily Rosson, Friends at Ellucian, Hanlon Creative, J&L T, Jack Sledd, Jerry Drye, Joel Dexter, Lee Campanizzi, Leslie Drye, Linda Johnson, Liz Garthly, Mario and Sandrine, Mike and Sharon Oestreicher, Patricia Fish, Rhonda Swim, Robert Snyder, Sherri Goudy, Suzanne “Chi” Barilleaux, The Colemans, The Hulaks, Tom and Marilyn Oestreicher, Trivedi Chemistry and Will Haden

If I have missed anyone or need to correct any of this (I think I maintained the appropriate level of anonymity for those who requested it), let me know and I will fix it.

I would also like to thank Jenn, my wife; Elena, my daughter; and Jerry, my dad-in-law, for their support in getting ready for this ride. Getting my body into the required shape to make it through this event, without being miserable the entire time, took a good deal of sacrifice on their parts and I appreciate it more than they know.

In addition, I would like to thank my mom, Sharon. She not-only donated, but also volunteered as a crew member for the ride. She set up tents, unloaded cyclists’ camping gear, and worked the snack stand for the riders as they entered camp. Then, on the following day, she helped break down tents and clean up before heading back home, which was a five-hour drive. A superb commitment.

Lastly I’d like to thank team Suburban, the ride coordinators, crew and hosting establishments for a job well done. You guys rock!

The ride garnered over $2.6 million for the cause and, frankly, was an immensely gratifying experience. So much so that I re-upped for next year shortly after crossing the finish line.

So, if you’re up to helping me do it again in 2015, head on over to or, to make it easy to remember, I set up a redirect at I could use some help filling next year’s bar up, and just to get it out there, I also plan on offering up “prizes” for meeting stretch goals next year so stay tuned for those. First things first though. I need the first 2.5k to get my tires on the starting line.

In closing, I offer a collection of pics that provide a little bit of the story behind my part of the adventure this year. I hope you enjoy.


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