A New “Cassandra” Teaser

It’s been a while, but I finally have another “Cassandra” teaser pic. I think I finally have the style of this project nailed down and am calling this page done. I just hope all of the pages don’t take as long as this…

Melancholy WIP

Here’s a Work In Progress of Melancholy, the antagonist of a project I am currently working on. He’s modeled mostly in #modo and rendered in #c4d and is currently being skinned inside of…

Cassandra WIP

Just sharing a relatively polished version of Cassandra, a character I’m working on for a book project. Modeled in modo and…

Demo Reel v0.1b (finally!)

I thought it might behoove me to grow up a bit and stop sending out grab bags of miscellaneous clips to those who inquired about my animation samples. So I present you with the first-ever Sledd Studios Animation Demo Reel.

A New Mascot?

So this little gal (I think) seems to have taken a shining to me. She used to be a tad more shy, but apparently sees me as easy pickin’s now. And man does my phone record crappy video. May have to make a new version at some point where I don’t bounce around so…

POW! BAM! SCREEEECH! Comic art comes to Sledd Studios

It’s no secret. I like comics. I have flirted with comic-esque stylings in my artwork since pretty much day one. Not too horribly long ago, however, I decided it was time to get a bit more serious than my typical coquetry could afford.

As a digital artist, whose first line of offense are 3D apps (Cinema 4D and Modo), my two primary concerns were speed and style. The speed part was the primary…

Sledd Stock Available

Greetings and Hallucinations, everyone!
a quick little update to inform everyone that I recently signed on with in the UK to broker my stock deals. Although I’ve offered stock rights for years to those who asked, I decided to finally make it formal and pick a company to handle it.

At the moment, I’ve only uploaded a few pieces but I’ll be adding to it as time allows.

Farewell, old friend

On February 13, 2004, Sledd Studios said “goodbye” to longtime foodwarmer and friend, Mike, the Sledd Studios microwave oven. “Although it was a big surprise at the time,” says Mike’s best friend and employer, John Sledd, “he really was getting up there in age. We should have seen it coming.”

Mike was a microwave of the old school. Sporting a dial instead of a keypad, he responded with a…

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